Assemblage 23 rides?

Going up to see A23 on Wednesday in Indy. Does anyone need a ride? I have 3 seats open right now.
I intend on leaving around 8p for the show, going to at least some of the after party at Mutiny, and heading back to Bloomington no later than 1:30a. I have class the next morning so I will be DD as well. Let me know.

Also, I miss Shoutfit.

10 thoughts on “Assemblage 23 rides?

  1. somebody owes me a makeout! that’s right, i heard all about it. i’m scheduling my way right into a zombie prom. (oh, i told the boyfriend and he approves big time. something about can i hold the camera.)

    • Actually, I have to take that back. It appears that I have a midterm on Thursday, and I don’t think that dancing/possibly drinking the night before (and getting home late) would be a good idea.


  2. heard all about it??? hmmmm, call me presumptuous, but I didn’t think there was so much to talk about, and if you owe anyone a makeout session I think it’s me!!! Screw lunch. Get better soon! 😉

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