Death is Change

My brother got married Friday.

I also submitted my last undergraduate paper ever. I’m officially done.

Getting ready to move here, been sitting in Bauhaus a lot looking over what will soon be my city.

Not really processing much yet. Well, I got through the first one, and sort of the third one.

12 thoughts on “Death is Change

      • Hm, in about 6 days. 🙂

        Oh, you mean permanently.

        I’ve been planning a move back for far too long. As soon as I save up some more $$ and get myself out of debt and find a good job in SF or Berkeley, I shall make my (triumphant?) return to SF.

        With so many of the cool, beautiful people here escaping to the Coasts, I don’t want to be left behind!

    • ha!
      all i did was comment on his hot bod :).

      good luck with the move! and change.

      be sure to let us know when youre leaving for sure.

  1. Death is change. Death is change. Death is change. Death is change?

    Hm. Doesn’t make for a good mantra but it has a few different readings.
    Good luck with the transition, you. Can’t believe it’s already December…

  2. Oh! Geez! I forgot you were here!! I’d have coffee with you 🙂 Only if you have some more raunchy & inappropriate jokes for me! hee hee!! 😛

  3. “…what will soon be…”

    Personally, I’m of the opinion that it’s already your city. It’s here waiting for you to finally get your ass over here on a more permanent basis. 🙂

    And I’d rather think of is as: “Life is Change.”

  4. well, experiencing and processing, and ‘getting through’ are all so different.

    what is bauhaus, besides an orgasmically wonderful art movement?

    you have now bought a city. take care of it.

    this sentence is open ended

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