There were parts of the drive yesterday that were so beautiful I cried. No, really.

So my first 3 nights were spent in Fayetteville. Nature took me in, we had a lot of fun, Ford and Jinx and Ally were also about, Mercy got hit by a truck, and apparently I am GIR incarnate.
I spent the next night in a very large hotel room, which I got for a steal, it had a very large bathtub, a very large bed, and a very small me. Any time I stay in hotel rooms on my own there seems to be a Law and Order marathon.
Then two nights in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It really is lovely there, with all the houses fading into the scenery. We played Duck Hunt, visited a place that’s a breath away from being a ghost town, and I had night terrors for the first time in about 7 years. Then again, parts of the house I was staying in date back to 800, so is it any surprise it was that loaded?
Last night and tonight I’m in Tucson, Arizona. I’m staying with two lovely people who I had never met, but Preston set me up with them – two of his best friends from another section of life. They live in a white cube that Dwell would faint over, filled with IKEA and old cigar lockers and comic books and music and a minx-cat named Ampersand. We ate at Grill, I fell a little bit in love with the waiter, we attempted to go dancing but instead went to a pirate bar. Due to a massive amount of things left undone, I am staying an extra night to bond more.

..and despite (or because?) of all this, it’s the smallest things that make me the most nostalgic:

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  1. I cried when the sun first rose on New Mexico after that awful night hallucinating through Kansas. The first mountains slowly came into view in the distance, and suddenly (and, alas, temporarily, but isn’t it always?), all was right with the world. You make me remember these things. I smile.

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