The sun is setting over the mountains, and I can see it all from my brother’s window.

Went to Portland yesterday with Nathan and Molly. It was amazing. We met up with Magpie and Rachel, and wandered bookstores.
I’ve mostly just been sitting, sewing, reading comics, watching episodes of TV shows with friends. It’s a good life, but I need more structure.
Also, I received dried blue flowers and graphic novels as a present, which is probably the most astute gift I’ve ever received from someone who barely knows me. And that’s kind of neat.

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  1. which is probably the most astute gift

    Hey that reminds me when you get a chance would you
    e-mail me your address? I wouold like to have it to send you b-day cards and such.

  2. hi Willowperson!

    tiz M, it was nice to meet you the other day… if you ever want to hang out, comics or movies or crafting or whatever, just say the word.

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