one more

Ok, Ok, I’m sorry, but this made me happy.

It’s fun with physics, and it’s so cool I forgive them for using comic sans in this video. Yes, it’s that amazing.

10 thoughts on “one more

    • the Biblical sense?

      no, it’s good, and I understand. I’m at willow (dot) bl00 (gmail) dot (com) if you ever do want to chat.

  1. Don’t be sorry, that was wonderful Bl00. 😀 I love seeing applications that have at their very foundation the principle of play. Adults do not get to play enough as a whole and we suffer for it.

    Oh, and fuck a bunch of snarky posters (previous LJ). It’s all effing positivity on this LJ. Go troll your opinions and flame on someone else’s blog.

    That’s right… I said it.

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