24 thoughts on “gone baby gone

  1. *hugs* Sorry to see that you had to do a disappointing thing here. You do look a bit unhappy. 🙁 Sometimes we have to do things we don’t like to move to the next level. Though it doesn’t mean that they are gone forever.

    However you still look very cool, sexy, and gorgeous even without the hawk. 😉 If nothing else try out this look for awhile. Looks like you carry it well so far.

    Keep the faith, when things even out you haver more time to work with yourself, you will be able to bring your trademark back. *grin*

    • Working two full time jobs means that when I don’t have a wig on, I’ll be too tired to keep the hawk pretty enough to put it up. So, bzt. Will just grow out the pixie cut.

  2. Don’t be sad, thus begins a new day. Your hair will grow back more glorious than you remember it. You are still a beautiful person, Bl00.

  3. noooooooooooooooooooooooo! My hair was living vicariously through your hair 🙁

    (this is GRX’s wife by the way, we met at the Stolen Babies show. I’m not just some random person…)

  4. *waves to the hawk* Bye!

    You know, in addition to always wanting blue hair, I have always wanted to shave my head. I seriously doubt that I ever will but I am enjoying the hell out of your experiences. 😀 Thank you for sharing and btw – you look fantastic. 😀

  5. I kinda really want to do this myself, but… I guess I just lack the proper testicular fortitude. :\

    Looks good though! You so sexy! 😉

  6. O.O I have to say; you do seem to look good no matter what you do with the hair. I loved the hawk but look forward to seeing what you do with your hair in the future too.

    And yeah, I only *wish* I had that kind of guts! *hugs*

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