overbooked : continuing the bloomington saga

It’s been a wee bit, and there’s a lot to update on!

The visit to Indiana was lovely. Anita was introduced to both sides of the family, much cooking was done, and I got to see my mother’s side of the family, whom I adore.
The visit to Bloomington was also phenomenal. Saw a fair number of people, cherished every scant moment I got with them, and really started to feel like Seattle is Home.

Upon my return, I went straight to work. I now have a full-time job at a law office in downtown Seattle, doing random stuff and generally making things easy on everyone else. I’ve also just been notified that I will indeed be working at Chez Gaudy. Both of these jobs fulfill an aspect of my personality, and I’m quite pleased at the prospect of having enough money to live on, play on, and save with. I start apartment hunting this weekend and am looking to sell my car to jump-start that process. Please let me know if you know of anyone that’s looking.

The downside to having two jobs (likely looking at 70 hours a week total) along with volunteering at LRS is that I’ll likely be disappearing. I’ll have Saturday and Sunday mornings/afternoons off as well as Monday evenings guaranteed off, but other than that, it’s been lovely knowing you all.
I will also be wearing my wig for both jobs, and with so little time left to prep the hawk, I may grow it out for something that’s at least suitable for one job (if not both) to save on time. Not sure yet. We’ll see. I do love it so.

Continuing with the image trend on this journal…

Also, the Midwest produces some odd things. WTF is this, anyway!?

6 thoughts on “overbooked : continuing the bloomington saga

  1. i was too busy staring at the pile of little debbie snacks and gravy train products in the background to even try to figure out what it is that you are holding.

    even if you grow your hawk out you know you can always go back to it. i think i’m on mohawk number 7 now. i grow it out, decide i miss it, and shave it back. it’s just hair, it’ll grow back. besides you look super hawt no matter what 🙂

  2. Hmm well given the look of the thing and the “Gravy Train” on it and the other things in the basket, I would wager that it is a dog toy made by the dog food compnay. Now why the horse/donkey/cow look? If it was for “Chuck Wagon” it might make some sense. Probably for some promotional thing, however it’s not one I am aware of.
    This might beg to be investigated further in times of boredom.

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