So excited for Matt and Libby to visit that I can barely contain myself. It’s the best birthday present anyone could ever ask for, really. Two of my favorite people in the world visiting one of my favorite places in the world? Hell yeah!

However, two of my other favorite people ever had not-so-great days. One is undergoing a barrage of tests to see what’s wrong with her (including CAT scans and the like) – I’m worried out of my mind. Another didn’t get into grad school and is basically rethinking his life course.

These, along with other recent experiences, makes me think about shared responsibility. And where do you draw the line for people not stepping on you when they’re only trying not to be stepped on? As it were.

Really, I’m not sure if I want to go run 2+ miles or curl up with a book and a glass of wine.

One thought on “perspective

  1. it meant a lot to know how concerned you were. thank you. i’m ok. and i love you.

    and, it feels weird to say it in this context, but happy birthday!

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