Potential Space

A view from my window at work:

(yes, that’s a mountain in the distance

A view from my new walk to work:

And a view of my new apartment. Potential space. I get to start painting tonight rather than tomorrow morning.

I am filled with squee. Lots and lots of squishy squee.

And just for kicks, two from my break at work today, just a few steps from my office (this is FreeWay Park, and it spans the space from my apartment to my office. Also goes over a freeway or two, and connects the convention center and two office buildings. At least)

3 thoughts on “Potential Space

  1. Wow. That all looks terribly familiar. I used to live in a studio apartment over ACT theater at 7th and Union and walk to work on the 28th floor of a building on 5th and Marion. The geekling and I used to walk through Freeway Park each morning to get her to daycare at the YWCA. That’s an awesome area of town. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

    Being stumbling distance from the Merc is something I miss greatly!

  2. YAY!! DUDE! I am totally always walking that way when I go to the doctor! All my doctors are at Virginia Mason, so I walk from Nordstrom, up through Freeway park, over that bridge & up to Virginia Mason!

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