bad jokes for bad coffee

To help maintain sanity, I have a joke exchange going on with the cool lawyers upstairs which takes place in the form of sticky notes on the coffee. I initally won them over with tales of pureed unicorns and gnomes, but lost them when I did a comic-style layout of the regular and decaf arguing over Trek v. Wars. I know, I know, way into geek waters. It’s been a slight battle to get their attention again (I’d rather fight these mini epic battles than worry about “actual” office drama).
Here is an example from a Wednesday past. I’m blue, clearly, and the two other participants are green and red.


Or without the clogged sinuses, wet.
Actually, it’s bwack

Which is pretty funny.

But today. Today I am particullarly pleased with myself.
Thur jokes are good

Behind every good joke is a strong coffee

I know my humor is retarded. But it’s spatial! And that makes it rad.

4 thoughts on “bad jokes for bad coffee

  1. bad jokes make the world go ’round. it’s true!

    oh, I wish we could hang out and watch “secretary” again, this time without me passing out and throwing up in a bucket. 😉


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