you just tell me if anyone messes with you.

My knees and upper arms are speckled with bruises: the sign of an abusive lover or a loving brother.

Here is what vacation with my family is like: mid-breakfast at B&O, Mom states that she would like 7 Element Soup at some point, which means we should probably go to The Wild Ginger for lunch. Dinner reservations have already been made. I actually got slightly nauseous at the sight of food when out at IHOP with friends at 1a.
Between meals, we sit around and tell stories. I try to explain tech, Seamus and Dad geek about etymology. Mom, Jessie, and Anita shop for clothes, try on jewelry, look at shoes.

Came out to my parents as queer, which went over much better than expected. Explaining that I still like boys was interesting. Later that same day mom glimpsed the tattoo, which I actually dreaded more (as getting a tattoo is a choice as opposed to sexuality (even though sexuality can be a choice as well, genetics definitely have a big say) and one that they were adamantly against until I was done with college). But after explaining what it meant, and how hex works, and why I got them mom said it was actually “pretty cool.”
Later that same night we went to the Can Can to see Maybe Manic? which has a bunch of different styles of dancing and such (and an extremely tastey male-due fan-dance. Good lord). Some bits were burlesque. Which would be kind of awkward watching it with your parents anyway, but especially after having come out that day? Good lord. Then my mom leaned over after the lovely Fuchsia Foxxx had shaken her lovely lady bumps (check it out) in our direction and said “so that’s what you go for?” and laughed quite a lot.

I register for the LSATS and prep classes this week. Guess it’s time to figure out what the hell I’m doing. I’m not going to hyperventilate. Really. It’s odd to do things for me instead of for other people.

Also probably start looking for a roommate sometime soon, for a new apartment, etc. I love where I live, and living on my own has been amazing, but I need to cut living costs down if I’m going to afford school.

2 thoughts on “you just tell me if anyone messes with you.

  1. so proud of you!

    I totally commend you for having the courage to come out to your parents (something I have not been able to do myself…wars have been started at the dinner table over whether Brokeback Mountain should be “allowed” to be shown in theaters….while I am now very comfortable with my bisexual identity, I think it might make them keel over on the spot if they knew).

    I will officially be living there in January, at which point we must hang out! Good luck with school and things. 🙂

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