So life has been pretty damn awesome. There has been bacon, and rocks, and Java, and dancing.

First of all, it’s fall. These are my favorite sorts of leaves:

Red, Chris, and I went to the launch party for Baconaise.

The entire set is here, and boy was it epic.

For Halloween I went as Tank Girl.

It was a lot of fun, but also dancing to industrial music at a fetish night in a mainstream club is way awkward. Apparently a handcuffed Superman was stalking me, but I dance with my eyes closed, and so never noticed. Nature spins a mean set, and I hope to see him out here again sometime, in a space I can actually thrash about in.

Sunday went rock balancing.

It was rad, and being out in nature was just what I needed.

Tonight is full of things, tomorrow is a Transhumanist meeting (with Skype! let me know if you’re interested), Saturday is studying and the hot springs, Sunday is the auto show and tech rehearsal (for a Little Red Studio production that I’m totally enamored with) and then spending time with Unwoman.