year’s end

I’m taking a moment to further procrastinate on my law school application paperwork reflect on the past year. I’ve done a lot. I’ve learned even more.

Most of the things I’ve learned have been in harsh lessons, and in people caring enough to make sure I didn’t get yet another round of ass kicking. I’ve emerged with my Tribe, and a Home, and the ability to accept my own vulnerabilities.

Where to even start? My life is made of up of regaling stories, of the amazing people I interact with, of experiences and meals and quiet moments. So I guess thank-yous are in order, though who I thank comes in alphabetical order

Baron. Thank you for being a stabilizing force while not being a crutch. Thank you for not letting me get away with it. Thank you for a lesson I needed to learn, and the possibility of working my way back out. Thank you for being solid, and for steady hands. And also that other stuff.

Bergen. Thank you for being open, and loving, and caring. I know I’ve hurt you a lot in the past, so thank you for giving me more chances that I probably didn’t deserve, but hopefully am earning now. Thank you for dancing, and your porch, and calling me on my shit. I will strive to continue to do right by you. It’s rare to find such passion along with such openness – thank you for not being jaded.

Cbat. Thank you for being a damn fine friend. Thank you for caring enough to call me out on my shit so I didn’t lose everything. Thank you for weird song lyrics, and atrocious YouTube videos, and for not dying from appendicitis. We’ve been through a lot, and I’m glad to have more to go through in the future with you.

Christine. Thank you for giving me a job where I can be myself, but have to strive to be more. It helps me more than you know, and I hope I earn my keep.

3ric. Thank you for project time, and for experiments. Thank you for another place of comfort and challenge. Thank you for adventure, and for failing early and often. Thank you for the lessons, and for letting me come back for more even when I fuck up.

Jessica. Thank you for the love you gave me. Thank you for being amazing, and becoming even more so. I’m sorry. Be well.

Jon. Thank you for your writing. I’m glad you’re back to it. You’ve got a brain in that skull of yours. Thank you for giving so much of your energy to the Tribe when times are so hard. Thank you for letting me know what was going on in your head and heart, and for letting me figure out what I needed to do for mine, too.

Kaleen. Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for your joy, and your geekiness, and your enthusiasm. You are silly, and I love it. Thank you.

Levi. Thank you for music, and for open honesty, and for caring for your self as well as mine. Thank you for Califone and rides and pears. Thank you for backing off when you need to, and for being ok when I need to back off. Thank you for caring about the Tribe, and for dirty hands.

Libby. Thank you for being my counter-balance, for being Red to my Bloo, for always being there. Thank you for the moments you open up to me, and for never judging (even though I honestly sometimes think you will) when I’m in a really bad place, even when it’s at my own hand.

Matt. Thank you for being you. I miss you. Get your ass out here, I’m sorely lacking in experiences with you in this past year. Thank you for brain meats, and crumpets, and the way you giggle. Thank you for rising to any weird comment or question I throw at you over chat or IRL. Come be with your Tribe.

Michael. Thank you for being the best Sunday BoyfriendTM any Willow could ever ask for. Thank you for crass times, and your never-ending hospitality. But fuck you for The Room. Just… fuck you.

Nathan. Thank you for being a truly good friend. I don’t see you as often as I’d like, but no matter what, you’re there. Thanks for making hand-music and for smiling so freely, and for trusting me.

Noah. Thank you for taking the risk to come here. Thank you for giving so freely, for being up for anything, for quiet moments on stoops and your constant ability to wing it. Thank you for your brain, and your initiative, and your innovation.

Petra. Thank you for giving me a chance, and for not letting me step on you in the process. Of all the people I’ve hurt in this world, you’ve been the most influential in me realizing my faults and making the necessary changes. I cannot possibly thank you enough.

Pip. Thank you for your conviction. Thank you for YouTube, and rants pontifications conversations at all hours, on all topics. Thank you for sorting through the muck with me, and still loving despite. Thank you for the geek, and the joy, and the almost flippant love.

Qais. Thank you for being a dirty old man, and for dancing, and for video games, and for giving a shit while not giving a fuck. I feel more comfortable with you than I do nearly anyone else in this world.

Raine. Thank you for reaching out to me. Thank you for getting out. Thank you for working on finding your amazing Self again. We look forward to you visiting us.

Rob. Thank you for being so effing brilliant but so incredibly approachable. Thank you for your joy in the world, and your adaptability, and your understanding. Every time we hang out, I have a blast. Also thanks for electricity, but you knew that.

Sirus. Thank you for being fucking silly and brilliant and unassuming. Thank you for bike help and movies and understanding. I look forward to spending more time with you in the new year.

Strand. Thank you for being accessible and awesome. I’m looking forward to hanging out more in the new year

Hackerbot Crew. Thank you for reigniting the passion of Making in me. Thank you for being filthy but respectful, for surviving ToorCamp with me, and for always being full of adventure.

H+ Crew. Thank you for learning to discuss. Thank you for thinking about The Future with me. Thank you for bringing up new topics, and leading, and pints.

Jigsaw Crew. Thank you for taking initiative, and for working on such a long-term project. I’m so excited to see where this goes!

I am so fucking blessed to have so many besties, and so many good friends. I adore you all. Thank you.

(and if you feel I’ve forgotten you, please do let me know. I will totally tell you why I think you’re amazing, and am happy to have you in my life)

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