Seattle Mini Maker Faire – How To: Interactive Booths

I have the honor of being the SpaceCamp coordinator for Seattle’s Mini Maker Faire. I’m also heading up the speaker roster. If you haven’t already applied, you should!

Last week we sat down to do a workshop on what makes a great booth. And, being good documentarians, the workshop was video’d!

The takeaways are that children are ninjas, interactive design to your booth is key, and that preparation goes a long way towards success. Also that duct tape is your friend, but we already knew that, yes? Yes.

And from this workshop emerged the new slogan of Seattle Mini Maker Faire:

We want you neither bored nor dead. – Kaleen

One thought on “Seattle Mini Maker Faire – How To: Interactive Booths

  1. I WOULD LIKE A FIRE-BREATHING PONY. I don’t know how I missed that in Detroit… 🙁

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