Humanitarian Efforts


National Academy of Engineering paper on cocreating a game to explore combining formal and informal disaster response
Blog Posts on this Topic
Kenya Red Cross work on Dadaab on the Center for Civic Media Blog
GWOB white paper on responsible humanitarian and disaster project lifecycles, as also mentioned by The Engine Room
Guidance for Collaborating with Formal Humanitarian Organizations : A Digital Humanitarian Network guidance document produced with support from UN OCHA.



Promise of Tomorrow about FEMA Sandy response, gearing up for IEEE GHTC. Part 1 and 2 of episode 207.

VUC Podcast

Zombie Tech Podcast! and Another one!


Berkman Center talk on Distributed Disaster Response

The most recent version of this paper is live here. If you’re looking for something to cite while still in progress (thank you), please use:

  1. PDF from 2015.Aug.04 version

Ongoing mentorships and videocasts with Geeks Without Bounds can be found on youtube, of which a favorite is on OccupySandy:

Ignite at Development & Climate Days at COP20 in Lima, Peru

Starts at 25:35

Keynote at Cascadia.JS

At MSF Canada’s AGA

At 2013 MIT-Knight Civic Media Conference about Participatory Aid
(I’m on at 1:06:00, but the whole thing is great)

Remote to Galway Ignite

At FarmHouse Conf 4 on Building Capital “F” Futures

Impromptu talk about Sandy Response deployed with the FEMA Innovation Team (write-up and prezi).


At Random Hacks San Francisco December 2012


Your Disaster/Crisis/Revolution Just Got Pwned at 28c3 in Berlin December 2011.


Lighting Talk at 27c3 in Berlin, Germany: Starts at 17:45


Interview about GWOB at OScon

Unrecorded Engagements:

Farmhouse Conf 4 on the Future

Detrocity meetup for The Tech Challenge by Humanity United

FEMA Think Tank at the Whitehouse

Rich Sereno’s (Deputy Director of FEMA) writeup on Sandy Deployment with the FEMA Innovation Team

Humanitarian Toolbox

Digital Humanitarian call-ins

Workshop at STAR-TIDES on ICT, Open Source, and Unclassified Info Sharing (PDF, because government).

Took notes at IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference.

Assisted facilitation and vizthink at Camp Roberts between FEMA and Civil Air Patrol which lead to MapMill, used in Isaac and Sandy.

Digital Humanitarian Network test deployment

International Conference of Crisis Mappers Geneva 2011DC 2012

V&TC summit

Solving More than #firstworldproblems at HOPE presentation (video forthcoming)

Gave an informal talk at Code for America (May 2012)

Moderated panel at Maker Faire Detroit 2011 on Making with Purpose

10.10.10 tour

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