3 Steampunks and a Futurist in a car for 2.5 hours..

Libby, the amazing woman who has always been a dear friend and has the patience of a Galapagos Tortoise to have been my roommate at one point, is putting on an artshow with the lovely Miss Porkshanks.

I had the pleasure of being in a shoot done by Libby and Magpie just over a week ago, and some of the shots are under the cut

Another exciting weekend full of bruises and Awesome. I have the coolest friends.

Went to a Transhumanism meetup group, and only 2 other people showed. I will therefore be starting one up out here. Last Friday of the month (the 25th this time around), likely at 7 somewhere on C Hill. Depending on anticipated attendance, maybe even just my digs, but likely somewhere else. We’ll work it out. Let me know.

Also, my parents are visiting the weekend of Dragon*Con. I suppose it’s a good thing I held off on getting tickets, but I’m still super sad about this. Was going to see so many friends! Damnit.

Learning to take time for myself. It’s terribly important, I’m finding.