I live with the most amazing awesome people ever.

This morning has already provided a treasure hunt.

I would like to tell the internets that I love you both very much.

I am full of cheese today!

I had an amazing time last night, meeting a few new people, actually getting some time with others that haven’t had enough of my time, accidentally grabbing Cliff’s crotch (sorry!), playing Guillotine, etc.

Came home, read some House with Matt.

Thought has lead me to believe that The Infinite Improbability Drive is probably my favorite plot device ever.

Everyone who is getting sick or is sick : stop it. I would have a chicken soup party but then you’d all infect each other and incubate zombie-ism or something.

house and beats

I propose we have a house party towards the end of November. Talk about different parts, maybe bring your own copy to exchange – see the notes others have taken.

also, balkan beat box this thursday. who’s going?