trout are freshwater fish and have underwater weapons (pew pew pew)

The ocean is full of all sorts of wonders terrors.

So I’ve posted about the mantis shrimp, and abuot the little fish that eat your dead skin cells, but today’s blogosphere brought along the manifestation of two more things to make me question even living within sight of the ocean? the seat? salt water. Well, maybe any body of water, but we wouldn’t want to go overboard. (get it? overboard? ha!)

The Goblin Shark, as seen on Ectomo.
Please note: I actually think sharks are really cool and don’t lump them into my general fear of fish. Same with the mantis shrimp. But knowing something weird like this is out there doesn’t help the situation. Then again, we’re just weird monkeys in clothing.

And then there’s the sunfish. Which is huge. And is a fish. So screw that noise.

From Dark Roasted Blend.

I mean really. Really guys?