bad poetry

What I wrote the night Brian left. I screwed up, so I couldn’t sleep. Ended up taking Maxidone just so I could pass out. Not the most rational of decisions, but hey. It’s not really a poem… more of a free style. You can get the rythem of it, I’m sure.

And yet the world around me keeps turning, yearning for what I’ve just lost. Love? Something like it. Certainly not strong enough to tie my life to it. Pop some more pills to disappear the pain, just lost something I had to gain. Never understood the meaning of this all brought about by just one kiss. Never could get my heart to stay. My body lusts and my mind strays. A perfect combination is hard to find, especially when to one’s self you lie. We lost the connection somewhere in there, so when he looked at me I couldn’t hear. “Two weeks ago I saw,” he said “Then last week I heard.” “Today I Know.” I fucked up, it’s true. Ruined another life because of me without you. But I enjoyed flexing my wings, no regret there, just that I knocked you off the precipise as they reached for the air. I want to keep going but this is where today ends. Now is past and sill here only because you missed it. lost my head to a beautiful boy lying in my bed, who knew my mind to would end up being fed. And now to sleep… the closest I get to being dead.

I know it’s not the best, but it was what poured out after I had filled a page with the words “just pass out” over and over again.

He called me yesterday. Said he understood. That I need to live this part of my life open. Still wants to keep in touch. Made me keep my ring. I haven’t taken it off since I offered it back to him. “Real Love is Forever” they say… and maybe it is. This is just a fold in time in forever.
He also told me I was his angel. I told him this angel can only fall and lead people into Hell.

6 thoughts on “bad poetry

  1. dang it … I dunno if it posted

    I wrote something but … I don’t know if it got it. Anyway … it was this

    “You write poems, I make pictures, we make a book”


    okay there. Love ya!

  2. Oh my my my….things that happen to us when we get older. Hello willow, thought that i would take time to check this out and say hello. Uhmm the girl of which you ask about is nicole. She is someone that started working with me and couldn’t resist my irresistable charm. Isn’t that something? Things are going well though…she has a kid. Which was a huge jump, of course where really am i going to find someone in this town (area) that dosen’t have a kid now a days? He is great his name is Orion, and is 3. I have started teaching him things like rock on and Sweet. Nothing like warping the mind of the young! Anyway i suppose i will close for now. Sorry to hear about the delimma i hope things go well and if you need someone to talk to you know you can alway call here and get the answering machine =)


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