Life is good.
I picked up quite a few extra hours at work this week, so hopefully I’ll get some stuff paid off. I can’t wait to get home. I’ll be able to deal with the stress. I didn’t eat much at all for about a week there because of stress. I’d have something like an apple and half a sandwhich a day. Not healthy.
I spent all yesterday reading good books. Reading a lot makes me want to word things perfectly, describe everything, and see things again.
I’ve been dreaming about potential futures for myself. Some make me giddy, some make me scared. It’s odd to see bits of your life before they occur.
I’m in the office right now, picking up extra hours. The heat is off. I have about 4 layers on, a toque (sockhat, tabogan, whatever you want to call it), and my winter jacket. Wish I could type with gloves on. Hah. Strongbad. Boxing gloves.
Listening to Ani Difranco also. That sort of adds to my wordiness. I want to get into a word war with someone, a phrase battle. No one is around though. I’ll just talk to myself.

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