feeding the adiction to music

The Crystal Method was in Bloomington. Holy shit. I found out 8 hours before hand.

It was beautiful.

And I was sober. Ok, so I had some caffiene, but I was sober otherwise.

someone showed me how to post the pictures! Thanks Pam and Larry!



Now if I see Portishead live I can die happy. I’ve seen GYBE and Sigur Ros along with other people. Portishead is the only band really left on my list.

4 thoughts on “feeding the adiction to music

  1. You can post pictures by… uploading them to a server, and then linking to them with html….
    For example
    [img src=”http://www.whereyourimagesarehosted.com/yourpicturename.jpg”]

    Replace the [ and ] with < and >.


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