monolog of a stoner (i can’t even spell things now)

Get a third of the way down the hallway i realize i forgot my cookies
continue walking as i think about whether or not it’s worth the effort to turn around and get the cookies again
they would, after all, make my trip down to the computer lab so much more enjoyable (as i’m stoned enough to have enough time walking down the hallway to eat more than one cookie)
halfway down decide it’s too much effort to turn around and go back for them, and wonder why i didn’t turn around before because THEN it would have been worth it
pout the rest of the way down the hallway
think about how stoners are so indecisive and unmotivated. i should rebel. i should go back and get the cookies and have more conviction.
decide against it, and continue on my course
arrive in computer lab only to discover that my cookies are in my hand. sweeeeet. i am so smooth… i outsuave myself sometimes.


4 thoughts on “monolog of a stoner (i can’t even spell things now)

  1. that was… *kisses finger tips and flares hand away like a french chef* …beautiful.
    it made me laugh, it made me cry… and in the end, i smiled. very nice.


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