pimp shit

check this shit out:


yeee… Dream is now on my door, watching over my sleep. I feel better. Saw Jerry today, that too was good.
That’s about it. I miss John. Damn boys. I hate them, I’m telling you. I miss too many people. I need to have a small town with all my friends in one place. It would be great.

Went trouncing through the woods yesterday with Seamus and Madison. That was definately good times. I’ve missed him so much in just this week and a half. Damn it. Oh well.

The doctor says I’m “normal”

And my grandma told me about shooting a girl on purpose when she was little (even though it was just a BB gun)

One thought on “pimp shit

  1. audrey says

    we should build an island.. all for ourselves, and ship everyone we know out there and legalize all the cool stuff.. all we have to do is ask hawaii how to do it.. 😀 i miss you, and i loooooooove you, only 4 more days.. i’m getting ancy.. weeee! k. get a hold of me. we can dance.

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