I am following my fish.

So the greatest thing about Finding Nemo, besides of course the movie, is some of the marketing. My favorite of these?

The fact that there are now fish ballons.

Come on people, take joy in this with me. I reminds me of Del. So much that I want to dress up like her, get a ballon, and wander around in my usual daze.

Too bad too few people would get it. Ah well.

Got my Rob Dougan limited edition CD today. Yay! It even has music videos on it.
Going to get a loan for the car.
Worked 13 hours yesterday, but only 6 ish today. Fun times!
Didn’t smoke ANYTHING yesterday (I smoked a cigar in two days..), I’m so proud!

Parents leave Monday for the Alps. Hmm..

3 thoughts on “I am following my fish.

  1. audrey says:

    ack! i’m bad.. but the cigar was good!! convince convince! sorry i didn’t call you back.. i was.. indisposed.. sure. that sounds better than inebreated.. i mean.. intoxicated.. i mean.. umm. well anyways. i have wed and fri off. call me. love you.

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