come on sweet catastrophe

The sewing machine is fixed! I can return to my frustrating artistic release! I feel so much better! I ever punched a door because I couldn’t find my vinyl tubing to sew with before I finally found it! But now things are running smoothly and I feel much better. However…
Number one reason not to open your mouth in concentration while sewing with vinyl: Vinyl shatters needles. Toward your face. That could have been bad.

Today was shakey old people in Willow’s lane Day.
I seriously wanted to reach over and strangle a few. There are 5 people in my line. You are digging for a penny. I’ll be a penny short! Leave it alone! Go away! Quit holding stuff up! I HATE YOU! *eyes of wrath*

Another tip: If you are pregnant, belly shirts are probably not the best idea for a wardrobe choice. Maybe.

6 thoughts on “come on sweet catastrophe

  1. I remember the horrid ancient change-searchers… made me wanna break their damn hips…

    All this talk of sewing vinyl, is someone going a bit kinky?

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