I may be accused of being confused but I’m average weight for my height

It’s Joe’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Joe! I tied a rubber ducky and a ballon to your vehicular. Hope you got it.

I getta see Corey this upcoming week. Thank JESUS! (can I get an amen?)

I finally got the bouncy ball I wanted out of the machine at work… after putting over $10 in it. Hah.

We gotta plan flashraves once I’m in VA. Or just visiting a college town. Could definately be fun.

This guy comes into the gas station almost every morning, and we jackass against each other. I tell him how much I’ve missed him, and he replies about how much he’s missed me, etc etc. Today he ended with “I love it when you lie to me.” I said “You should see me fake an orgasm.” Whoops. Ha ha. He turned bright red and I said “shit.” It was amusing. Then we talked about celibacy (I don’t even know how to spell the damn word) and his wife and Corey and stuff. Good times.

Now I’m going to go visit Madison.

8 thoughts on “I may be accused of being confused but I’m average weight for my height

  1. audrey says:

    YOU GOT THE BOUNCY BALL?! no fair, that it took so damn long. wee! so you have a total of 20 balls now? gee.. ehm.. you might wanna get that checked out. mmkay. i love you. muah.

    • Re: audrey says:

      oh, i have more than 20.

      and i got the dinosaur one.

      and then i got the pelican and the dolphin one. Go me!

      • Re: audrey says:

        you got the pelican, the dolphin, AND the dinosaur?! no fuh-air! *pouts* my parents asked me what they were for.. i’m like.. duh. bouncing. hehe. loves you.

  2. bouncy ball???

    just glad to hear your happy now that your not burning the candle at both ends.(working 160 hours a week). Hope to see you some time when your here.

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