last night i had that strange dream – everything was exactly as it seemed

I finally decided that even if I‘m not ready to sleep, I’m sure my parents are.
So I shut off the sewing machine.
And went into the kitchen to grab a handful of grapes before heading upstairs.

I like grapes.

My parents were a part of the grape boycott (ask for details if you don’t know) for a good part of my childhood. We’re talking until I was about 12. About the same time we got a TV, actually. (no channels just movies still).
I always liked grapes, and this constant deprivation infested me with a love of grapes.
I will eat them until I am sick.
I will stuff them into my cheeks if I can’t carry enough.

Thankfully I’ve learned to control this (along with other things).

It makes me sad that I will soon probably be too poor to choose to buy grapes on a regular basis. Ha ha. That’s ok. My love of grapes has been replaced with a different love: that of Corey. But you all knew that.
I just wanted to share my love of grapes with you too.

10 thoughts on “last night i had that strange dream – everything was exactly as it seemed

  1. It’s OK. You two can come visit me and have all the grapes you want. Well, based on your chipmunk like tendencies, I’ll cut you off at some point, because I like grapes too. I try to keep a constant supply of both red and white. (I like the white better though)

    Yeah, and whats the deal with the Grape Boycott? Is it some kind of tree huggin’ hippie crap?

    • definately a fan of the white myself.

      the boycott was because they were (and still are, probably) spraying the feilds with pesticides and all sorts of fun chemicals… while the workers were out in the feild. they obviously didn’t get paid enough and worked under pretty bad conditions as well.

    • um… aren’t extremist hippies liberals?

      i like to call them liberals, and i think i’m definately better off for how they raised me.
      i think i would have skipped the private schooling though.

  2. audrey says:

    i forgot to tell you stuff and i didn’t wanna email it.. i’m lazy.
    1) don’t forget to download the new dave matthews video for gravedigger.
    2)call me tonight. we’re gonna hang.
    3) go here and laugh your frickin bum off.
    4)i love you. i’m going back to bed.
    bye bye. <3 aud.

  3. Random dream I had. (I am not any more psycic then the next guy, don’t ask the winning numbers) In this dream nothing special happened. I went to a club then I took pat cc and crysyal to my house. I got followed by a car. I went really fast and followed the car that ws following me I got home and everyone went upstares. then I realized that it was a dream and every one crumbled to dust and I could not wake up. In my dream I wake up or so I think and do the same thing over and over again a few times untill Im afraid I will never wake up. eventually I really woke up. Nothing special exciept minus the dust part that happened ezactly as it did in the dream a few days later. and stay safe later.

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