private island

ok… so i think i’d be happy to spare a couple hundred dollars for a private island if Bush wins again. Anyone who cares to chip in can live there.

Now taking donations.

13 thoughts on “private island

  1. I got 5 on it!
    *Sings the course to the dime bag song*

    Yeah, Clinton and the liberals “kill babies”, but Bush bombed a whole country. Hmmmm… where’s the media to spread the gossip on this one?

  2. i got a little over a grand in the bank… if we can convince keva to come with us, it would be an uber good situation… im sorry i missed your call willow, i had probably the shittiest day in a loooooong time… i’m off thursday, friday, monday (golden birthday!), and tuesday if you would like to try again i would love to hear from you… cell: 765-714-7654 home: 574-722-1713 gimme a call and leave me your number!… can’t wait to see you in august… peace, love, and macaroni; home dutch oven….

  3. welp…

    you know my monetary situation at the moment, or possibly you don’t, i can’t spare any dollars, however, i can provide sexual favors…. what? did i just say that….. i mean.. i have $5…. love you. come home soon!! <3<3<3

  4. I’m sure Kenny and I would be in on it 😉

    I’ll start saving money in the donation jar that’s in the kitchen at my apartment, hehe.


  5. OMG

    hey hunnay!!! i havent talked to you in forever! i sowwy…. please please please please please PLEASE give me a call.. i miss you both…. 621 5780

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