yay indiana

i love indiana. just the right temperature to go in your back yard barefoot and read a good book. mmm.

so last night we went to the melody inn (hour and some drive) to see Lord of the Yum Yum.
I thought it was an inn. Like a hotel.
It’s a bar.
21 and up.
Ben, Madison, Corey and I are all under 21.
The guy at the door told us we could look through the window and we might even get better sound outside.
Shady neighborhood.
So I yell for Paul (The Lord of the Yum Yum) just to say hi and tell him we made it but we can’t really stick around.
He says to wait and he’ll be out to talk to us.
He comes out and starts looking around.. for an outlet.
Used an extention cord to plug in an amp outside with all of the workings.
Did us a private show of 4 songs.


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