Rent’s made! Hurray! Thanks to the kindness of friends, my parents, and me being a work-aholic (and corey, too), rent is made. Only 20 days late!
Maybe now the panic attacks will go away.

Thanks to Audrey, Lori and John, and Sam for helping us out.

If you are in Logansport on Christmas Eve and want to steal a few hours away from your families, please come see Corey and myself. We’ll be making cinnimon rolls with my mom. We have a new fireplace, good times, and food.
Please don’t neglect your families for us, just stop by if you can.
Call me if you need to or drop a line.

Much love to all.

PS my job still rocks like a mother fucking hardcore cradle.

couldn’t think of anything else that rocks.
I’m tired.
Leave me alone. : P

5 thoughts on “Eve

  1. and I see the light…

    that is DSL …
    Hooray for DSL. I don’t know if it is on your way home but I work until 8:00 on the 24th. Maybe you guys can come visit Meijer? My mom is having a bunch of people over xmas day so I don’t think I’d be able to get out of the house xmas eve.
    Either way I love you! Bye muffin *wink*

  2. i will be there! hopefully. i’m kinda retarded some days… who knows…

    i love you guys, and plan to make a trip down there while still on break… complete with erica… should be fun…

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