I have a new iPod sitting next to me.

It is pretty.

It is also yet to be named.

Now taking suggestions.

16 thoughts on “attatchment

    • Apollo – Greek AND Roman god of music. Very nice. I was actually thinking of that name before I posted. Now I’d just be a copy-cat.

  1. I have my first IPOD that Patrick sent to me on Thursday. Let’s name them together. FYI – I suck and need to get a high-speed USB to get it to work. It doesn’t show that it’s connected.
    *le sigh*

    Twin names? Duo names?

      • That’s awesome! Wait mu tongue just got tied…”mmrmmfrrr” Ok, I can’t do it. How about “tweedle-dee” and tweedle-dum”? <---joke.

        • I like that idea.. The Orpheus and Euridice. Only I can’t spell.
          Name it whatever you like… they’ll always be soul mates. See you in Chicago.

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