a seed a stranger planted on my tongue

I am so bored at work all the time.

So if you write me rambling e-mails about belief systems, topics of interest, etc, not only will I read them, I’ll also reply to them! Wow!

Please? Anyone?

My brain cells have started chatting amongst themselves.

4 thoughts on “a seed a stranger planted on my tongue

  1. Well, I’m about to run out the door, but…

    I love you, and you deliver the best damn leg humping I’ve ever had.

    ^I seriously got too excited and made about 40 typos in that sentence.


  2. i get bored at work.. although i have alot to do, i have MONTHS to do it in, so i go really slow and then my ADD kicks in and i stare at the wall until the phone rings and wakes me up. this new job BLOWS my ass. and. i miss you and doing lunch with you. i have nothing to ramble about.. because if i did, maybe i could keep myself busy as well.. poo. well.. i’m gonna go.. do.. something.. i love yah!!

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