Libby (carpe_jugulum) makes me life happy.

She feeds Corey and me.
She helps me with hair.
She makes me happy.

She has made this past week totally awesome, and promises that the upcoming weekend shall be amazing.

Oh yeah, she also makes me naughty icons.

15 thoughts on “Libby

  1. Thanks for using that. It’s just too amusing. I’d only made animated GIFs in After Effects before, so look at you! you allowed me to vamp my skills through your fistfucking gestures. haha.

    Thanks for fixing my hair–I am always glad to do yours too. If you decide to go white in the winter, tell me. I do think we’ll have to let your hair grow a bit to get rid of all the leftover metallic deposits from the red color beneath the blue. But we can make you snow blonde. Mmm.

    • hah! I know, right?

      We were flipping through shots from Saturday and Shannon kept going back and forth between these two pics, and then Corey yells out “Fistfuck!” because of Trent Reznor, and it was chaotic.

  2. Have you been making your falls?? They are fabulous!!! I haven’t made any kinds of falls since sometime last year… and I just got them back from my bit of storage I was using at my parent’s house 🙂

    I have a NIN shirt that says fist fuck 🙂


    • The piece in the icon is actually a half-wig. See the myspace pictures for a close-up of it.

      I make most of them, but Libby helps (and supplies a lot of original ideas).

      Her site should be up semi-soon (we hope!) and you can check it out and stuff. She makes GORGEOUS pink sets that I’m sure you’d love.

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