I look like my Mom

Libby cut and dyed my hair two nights ago.

I now look like this:

The top is this:

And a silly one for posterity’s sake…

Let me know what you think.

53 thoughts on “I look like my Mom

    • Thank you ma’am. I’m slowly learning how to do make-up and hair in an everyday sort of way, and not a OMG LET’S GO TO THE CLUB sort of way.

  1. makes me wanna chew on your head.
    and that is a good thing.
    well, not for you i guess.
    i’ll chew gently.

    that can all be translated to “you look fabulous”

    it makes me want to chop all of my hair off again even though i just grew it back from having a mohawk.

  2. I KNEW IT !!!!

    the hot ass necklace gave it away in a previous post…

    I think I actually commented on that;)

    love it but am jealous I didn’t get to ‘do it for ya;)


  3. otay…

    i’m a bit behind so here goes…

    LOVE the necklace your mom made…*drools* You know how I like it!

    The hair is my fav. blue and shockingly short (aren’t you cold?) but damn hot! So you and me did the big chopperino! Woo!

    All in all, I likey.

    • Re: otay…

      I’d be cold, but so many people flock about me adoringly that they keep me warm.

      Only not really.

      I need your address.

  4. teh h0t

    Yay! Everything works!

    The color works, the cut works, the makeup works, the outfit works, the green wall works, and my camera works. Hooray!

    You’re a sexy one, you. Glad to have you around to bring bloo-beauty into my home, and to have someone to experiment on. 😉

  5. Hotness!!!! I’m thinking about getting mine chopped…I did earlier in the year and now it’s back down to my shoulders. I love short hair. It’s so much easier and, frankly, damn sexy!

    • I know… it’s awesome! I get in the shower, and it’s clean! I get out and 20 seconds later, it’s dry! A little product and a rub, and it’s done! It’s effing awesome!

  6. I love it, Willow!
    this should turn a certain Mr. Ellis into a pile of quivering jell-o. damn, if he thought your knees were hot wait until he gets a load of these photos!

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