How I feel about January…

I feel like I went to a January party.

And right in front of me, January approached two people.

“Shit? The Fan? Have you two met? I think you’ve made each other’s aquaintences, but I don’t know that you’ve ever hit it off. So Fan, Shit; Shit, Fan.”

So I request that you all tell me about one cool thing in your daily activities that you have never noticed. The way a wall comes together with the floor or the way a certain tree is budding. Anything. Make the world the bright place it was before I got splattered from that meeting.

But apparently, according to my old friend Quinten, everything will be ok because “You’re willow f’in brugh.”

So that’s ok then.

23 thoughts on “How I feel about January…

  1. there are many little things that cheer me up. one are my fishies. I will put some pictures up in my journal so as to not take up space in yours.

  2. I was having one of those days yesterday. really. I could go on for hours about how bad it was. let’s just say regional manager and lots of crying. I almost posted the same thing…tell me something good please… so here is something for you.

    things that always amaze/cheer me.
    a warm gust of wind amidst all the ice and snow.
    how warm and beautiful everyone looks in candle light.
    the way cloves crackle and pop (not saying you should start though)
    how good coffee makes me feel -even better with a group of friends
    having a pouty day and watching anime in bed while eating cold pizza and turning off the phone
    hot chocolate and toast
    a good random song heard on the radio or from someone else’s passing car
    the smell of mod podge
    the smell of newsprint and charcoal dust.
    oil paints.

    perhaps not what you requested exactly but I try.

  3. Today there was a flock of birds, made up of starlings and robins, which swooped down on the fruit tree outside my kitchen window. They bounced up and down on the branches, causing the fruit to drop to the ground. Then they ate the fruit together.

    • One day I shall come and molest your computer, and we will all sing cheesy songs together. Even the computer shall join in.

  4. My dog pooped in Seminary Park.


    The first time it was solid, the second time moo shy.

    Sometimes I think she is making patterns.

  5. I realized the other day at work that the same place where my body gets rid of the by-products of digestion is where I write my best poetry. Coincidence?

    I think not.

  6. There are two trees on campus that amaze me. They are absolutely spectacular. I will take my camera with me one of these days and take pictures of them so you can see. They’re all twisty and old. And one of them would be perfect to climb, then sit on the branches and read a good book.

    • hi person i don’t know.

      Just wanted to share with you that we have a whole “garden” of sorts of those types of trees near my house. I live across the street (literally) from the Atlantic Ocean and all of these trees in this one part have been mangled by many hurricanes. They are really pretty though and are probably rather spooky at night.

  7. coffee makes me extremely happy.

    though i have been a coffee drinker for a VERY long time (started around the age of 10, so yeah 16 years)…I just had this realization Thursday. Yes, this thursday.

    I am really overwhelmingly stressed about everything imaginable right now…I had been out of work for a week (due to surgery) and I was not too happy about being there bright and early thursday am (Even though i really really love my job)…I made myself a cup of coffee in my hot pink hello kitty mug and as I took the first sip I just thought to myself how much I love coffee and I smiled really big.

    It was nice.

    Actually i may just go make some coffee right now because today has been ubershitty (see my LJ entry for a taste of it..I probably won’t ever go into detail on here about it though).

    Oh and if the “willow f’in brugh” thing doesn’t cheer you up then just say to yourself (very very loudly) “I am the almighty Willow Brughahahahahaha” and then trail off into a very long drawn out evil laugh.

    It will work. I promise.

  8. Actually, I think Paul owns a skirt very much like that too. And he looks damn good in it as well.

    Willow: here are happy things.
    –trent reznor in handcuffs and goggles
    –the roasted garlic cheddar from sahara mart
    –garter belts and the sound they make when you snap them ‘cross your thigh
    –the way used bookshoppes smell
    –molly’s waist-to-hip ratio
    –scooping the shit off the fan blades and flinging it back from whence it came

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