quotes from the DWL msg board

So I can clear off the board at home…

“Those Afghani nomands, they’re the ultimate goths.”


“in hell, every night is goth night”

“autechre and fitch”

The hookah came. It is tastey and laid back and terrible for my lungs. It is also the first hookah shipped out of Discover Hookah. Drank tea and chilled with Heather, Paul, and of course the lovely Libby. We were going to watch Withnail and I, but ran out of time. Another night, I suppose. After I sleep for a few hours, I have the graces of Miss Petra‘s company.

My American Superhero class is awesome. We got into a discussion about which was the true identity – Superman or Clark Kent. Then Kal-L was brought up and people were referencing specific issues and the geek was knee-deep. Totally awesome.

There are apparently pictures of my legs here. Yay camwhoring.

Gotta love grave yard shifts in the IC.
This made it all worth-while, though. An example? Of course!

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  1. Superman is the true identity… Clark Kent is just a man in a costume. Which in the long run makes Superman one of the most boring and uninteresting superheroes ever because it is impossible to relate to him. He’s a superpowered alien boy scout. Probably why there hasn’t been a relevant story involving him in the last 10 years. A recent issue of the new Infinity Crisis actually summed it up best when Batman told him “The last time you inspired anyone, was when you were dead.”Let’s face it ‘Superman’… The last time you ever inspired anyone — was when you were dead.” Point being… everyone in America knows superman… his first issue is the most valuable comic in the world… but how has a character so dull and uninspired by todays standards lasted in a market where characterization is so key? I mean look at the rest of the top characters… Batman – People can identify with him. He’s not perfect. He is just as human as the next guy. People can relate to his loss of parents, or his drive to reach something he never can. Or Spiderman… a teenager trying to deal with all the things every other teen in the world faces… but who just happens to kick a little ass from time to time. Even the X-Men… mutants who are rejected from society for being “different.” I know a lot of people now relate to that… but poor old Superman. A guy who’s real life is faker than his superhero persona. Sure, he is married and has a job. But that isn’t him. It’s all just a cover up. Some may argue that Batman is more Bat than Bruce… but Clark Kent is a laughable excuse of a character.

    Ok end rant 😀

    • Ok that was me… and I screwed up the quote a bit.. it was:

      Let’s face it “Superman”… The last time you ever inspired anyone — was when you were dead.

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