Absence makes the heart grow fonder

I won’t be online for a bit.

Libby and I got into a car wreck last night. Pretty much head-on collision. Not my fault.

We’re both still alive. Nothing broken or shattered, just lots of bumps and bruises for Libby and lots of fun back-front-shoulder pain for me.

I got strapped to a gurney.

Libby bit through her cheek. She’s pretty hard core.

So yeah. I’ll tell you all the story when I get back, but right now I’m going to go take more drugs and go back to sleep.

21 thoughts on “Absence makes the heart grow fonder

  1. Ack! I am so sorry, and so glad to hear that you are alright.

    If anyone knows what a nasty car accident is like, it’s me. Lemme know if you need help, or any more pain killers. I’ve got them all.

    And I’m seriously not kidding.

  2. I thought that was your car I saw in my rear view mirror after I was rerouted. I couldn’t tell what was going on, and recognizing a car freaked me out a bit. Glad to know that though it was you, that you’re doing okay (considering).

  3. I email Libby to see if she wants to go out for coffee and find out lives have been endangered…Terrible. I’m glad to hear you’re both still alive and bitching. 🙂 Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.

  4. yikes!!!

    very happy you both are alive!
    it sounds dangerous out there lately!

    take care.
    (and the ‘woogy juju’ is heading to you both…ask me later)


  5. Jesus! Well, it coulda been worse, but everyone told me that after my car accident and it didn’t help me feel less freaked out. Still, I’m glad you two are unbroken, though probably in lots of pain – you poor little things! You both need lots of sleep and pettings. Possibly soup. Get better!

  6. Eep!

    Sorry to read about your accident. How horrible, even if no one was “seriously” hurt. I’m still jumpy from the last time someone hit me head-on while I was driving B@’s car.

    Hope the aches and pains fade quickly!

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