You make me Paradoxical

I suppose I owe you fuckers an update, eh?

Well, let’s see. I finished up my Final Papers and got both in several hours before they were due. Go me.

I got a nearly perfect score on my American Superhero final.

Now there is just a take-home for Romanian, plus two finals for my Sociology classes. As soon as I’m done on Thursday, Jeremy and I are headed to Texas to visit the Magical Miss Madison.

Other than that, there’s just been Axis.
As you all have doubtlessly noticed, we were double-booked for Beer Pong.

Three minutes after Indy Chris, Jeremy, and I walked in, every Greek kid left.

I couldn’t imagine why.

Nevertheless, Beer Goth Pong was played.

Jeremy, our Pledge, sets it up.

The weird kids take aim.

Goth Pong was played.

It was a regular Greek Goth event!




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Also, last night played Wise and Otherwise with Jarrett, Sarah, V, P, and Jeremy. I’ll post the results of that in the DWL Balderdash community sometime soon, maybe tonight, maybe not.

I seem to post an aweful lot about Axis, eh? Ah well.

Met the lovely Alex as well, went to Molly and Sharyn’s house-warming party and saw lots of lovely people there.

Jeremy made dinner for Corey, Libby, Heather, and I on Saturday night.

Also, there was lots of sleeping over the weekend. It was lovely.

I guess that’s about it.

Summer Session, here I come!

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