fish and chips

You all wonder why I’m scared of fish?

Because there are things like this in the world:

Mind you, they had a much more extreme drawing of this in one of my childhood encyclopedia books. Much scarier. But I can’t find it. Next time I’m home I’m scanning that shit so you all can know my fear. There is also shit like this. Come on, how are those things NOT freaky?!

edit: the closest thing I can find to the image I remember is this:

Only I think of it as being about 4 feet long, at least.

Also, Frito’s catch on fire easily and burn for a long time. I am going to use them as tinder from here on out. Try it out yourself! I built a little fire to the junk food gods earlier because I didn’t believe the guy who told me. It’s all the oil in them. That’s just gross.

It’s scary what happens when I’m left to my own devices.

9 thoughts on “fish and chips

  1. has the same fear– only hers runs the “the smaller they are the scarier they are.” It made it a lot of fun trying to convince her that she needed to pop by once during my last trip to make sure they were fed (seeing as how one of the fish is a female betta and about an inch & half long…).

    However, I will admit– while I like fish, I wouldn’t necessarily want to come across that guy in a dark pool of water.

  2. Go to the light Carol Ann

    I’m not scared by fish, but being bumped by a shark while night surfing will keep you out of the water, fer shure. Still love the ocean though. go fig.

  3. I wouldn’t worry too much about the big one, if he is, in fact big, as he’s one of those if-you’re-underwater-enough-to-see-him,-you’re-already-dead-from-the-pressure types. The little butt-wiggler, however, will keep me out of water for some time now. *shudder*

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