“omigod my hair’s turned blue!”

“I’m totally blogging this.”

Sunday evening I discovered that the regularly natural event of breathing was becoming more of an effort than necessary. After trying to tough it out for four hours, I finally realized that yes (thank you Jeremy and Libby), going to the ER might actually be a good course of action.

At first we were optimistic.

Although tempted to say “omigod, my hair’s turned blue!” anytime someone asked what was wrong, I refrained and told them the simple truth : breathing is not working the way it’s supposed to right now.

I got stickered and EKG-ed. Elephantine Kindergartner’s Glee? Exciting Killer Girlfriends? Environmental Kangaroo Goo? They said it was Electric Cardio Gram, but as we can all tell, Cardio does not start with a K. I think the nurse was lying to me.

Then they stuck me.

Ow ow ow. Blood tests were ok.

Time passes, but Jeremy and I remain in hopes of finding some sort of answer.

There were pretty masks and tube-things behind me. You can’t see them, but look at the joy they bring me.

Three hours later, no answers.

Oh wait, they did say I was experiencing “shortness of breath.” No shit you dumb fuckers, guess what I came in for?

After going through possibilities, the general consensus that it was a severe panic attack. Which is odd as everything is better right now than it’s ever been. Stupid body. At least Jeremy got to play with his new camera and we got a blog out of it, neh?

19 thoughts on ““omigod my hair’s turned blue!”

  1. Simmer down and reduce

    And I dont mean like a sauce. I know I still owe Libby dinner, but dont worry, it will happen.

    I hope you are feeling better. Many hugs coming your way.

    I understand the hospital thing. Ann got to take me last week for stitch up kind O stuff. Not fun. Pics are cool though. I just wonder why my hair didn’t turn blue when I went? Maybe I didn’t hold my breath long enough. Bad Pun.

    If you need anything let me know. Maybe I can bring some ice cream treats or SPAM or something. Libby’s got my number.

    • Re: Simmer down and reduce

      frozen SPAM! yay!

      stitches are good in that they help, but bad in that you need them.

      would be nice to see you, yes.

  2. Your optimistic picture made me grin.

    Catch up tomorrow, and perhaps a bit of stress / work commiseration.
    “Hospital visits bad. Dancing good!” should be the theme of the semester, I think.

  3. i am glad nothing is seriously wrong.

    i have panic attacks quite frequently but luckily i have never had to go to the ER for them. Of course, if they were that bad i would panic more. it’s a neverending cycle.

    glad all is well.

  4. Eep! Do I need to come out there and make you non-short-breathy?
    Actually, I need to come out there anyway. I miss you guys.
    Soon, I hope, I’ll be back out your way. Stay respiratin’, Bloo.

  5. “An electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG, abbreviated from the German Elektrokardiogramm) is a graphic produced by an electrocardiograph, which records the electrical voltage in the heart in the form of a continuous strip graph…”

    Remind me to play you the section of the Kraftwerk DVD where they perform a song called ‘Elektrokardiogramm’. It will definitely make you feel better.

    Glad you’re not dead–Axis would have sucked if I’d had to prop you up in a corner somewhere rather than make booty-shakins with you in the middle of the dance floor.


  6. Hey, I’m glad you’re okay…and you look gorgeous in that last pic. In the hospital, I always look wild-eyed with no eyebrows and completely horribly crazy. I love your blue hair so much.


  7. No fun. I’m glad things are better now. I’ve been experiencing more anxiety than usual… maybe it’s “going around”…. I miss you. hope they didn’t bruise your fragile little arms! love you bye.

  8. You poor thing. Obviously, you haven’t had enough exposure to any weasels for a while. You must need weasels. And hugs. This is my professional opinion. I have both, if you decide to take me up on it.

  9. EEEP! Hope you are feeling better.

    btw, it’s Marc (DJ Saint)

    You’ve been befriended 😉 Thanks again for everything in Bloomington.
    Please stay in touch.

    • Yay for you having an LJ! Brings joy to my heart.

      It was wonderful to meet you. Hope we can hang out again sometime!

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