Bowser Time is my Favorite Time

Are you threatened by my shirt?

Or is it the DEVO hat?

More pictures posted at the website.

Also, I find it terribly amusing that this past weekend was Rush and there were UggBoots in the freezing cold up and down third street. I still can’t find it in my heart to yell “suck my cock” out the window, but it’s the thought that counts.

10 thoughts on “Bowser Time is my Favorite Time

  1. I didn’t know what UggBoots were till my girlfriend filled me in.

    Previously, I kind of wondered why all these sorority girls looked like they were preparing to go whaling with the vikings, or ride a sled across the Yukon. 😛

    • Actually, it may be Paul’s. Yours had just achieved floating status and couldn’t be disrupted.

      But yes, it is your style I am ganking.

    • Funny thing is, at the point I hadn’t had any energy drinks, alcohol, or anything!

      But yes, the Super Shroom Orbs in Mario Party are the best!

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