I see your true colors

So.. today the house is exploding with new colors.

Holly has given me a purple shirt, and after many years of denial of the relationship between blue and purple, I have decided to try my hand at it.

The kitten has also gone away from her straight greys and whites… (for those of you who hadn’t seen the initial experiment see here.), this is Kitten Dye Experiment 2.0

She has Petra’s green, Libby’s red and purple, and my blue. She’s sort of like one of those toothbrushes that tells you when you should get a new one.. Do you remember those? They were awesome.

10 thoughts on “I see your true colors

  1. how in the world do you manage to dye your kit? mine would go bonkers and try to lick it off before the rinse cycle.

    (although, I may have pink if you’re looking to expand the rainbow..)

    • the first step is drugging your cat.

      If you actually want to know I’ll tell you.. otherwise I’ll avoid the wrath of PETA (who is a dead mink who lives in our DAC closet). (No really).

  2. I remember the toothbrushes and…

    I don’t think I have ever seen a rainbow cat before very cute.

    Purple isn’t that far away from blue on the color wheel. It is good to experiment with different colors every once in a while and I think purple looks good on you. It compliments your hair color very well.

  3. Eh, we gave her a couple lines of coke and a piece of cheddar cheese. You know, like you do. 😛

    Actually, I think Willow had some kitty-calm tablets from the vet. They’re herbal and won’t hurt her.

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