So I have to get the Human Subjects Board to approve my project, which wouldn’t be an issue except I’m talking to so many people online, and they don’t have a system to deal with that yet. Yahoo.

The funny thing is that I set my data destroy date for December 21, 2012.

Cookies for the first person who can tell me why that’s funny.

I mean, really, if they give me such a hard time with stuff (“explain how an online forum works” … gah!) I might as well have some fun.

One final down, two to go… four of my seven classes aren’t having a final. Wonderful.

I get my laptop later today.

And a girl in a class had a sugar glider in her coat. Cutest thing ever.

I may have to get a new pet. I mean.. look at this!

Amanda, you were right all along.

22 thoughts on “IRB

  1. 12-21-2012

    End of the Mayan long-count calendar: beginning of a new era, “Giants from the sky,” or some such. Coincidentally (or is it?), also my 30th birthday.

    Cookies if you can tell me which is more important.

      • Re: 12-21-2012

        Seriously people, I may have put on a few pounds since I quit smoking but that’s no reason to be so wry…

        Oh, and didn’t that rodent get banished to some island by Queen Bavmorda?

        • Re: 12-21-2012

          You just cracked a Willow joke. I am amazed.

          So do we bake cookies for each other and just eat them, or should I actually send you some?

        • Re: 12-21-2012

          I’m afraid my trust of both privately owned and government sanctioned couriers does not extend to leaving them in unsupervised possession of baked goods. But next time I eat an oatmeal raisin cookie, I’ll think of you.

  2. 12/21/ 2012

    I have two guesses.
    1) It’s your birthday.
    2) That is when the giant meteor from outer space is supposed to destroy all life as we know it on planet earth.

    Also cute little critter but I am not sure other animals would play nice with it though.

    Yay! for getting your new laptop.

  3. IRB + the Web = teh suxor

    I’ve had a couple occasions to deal with Human Subjects with Web related stuff (including online data collection). I feel your pain.

  4. I would very honestly recommend that you get a rat first. The reason being, rats require a certain amount of daily care and time out of their cage to interact and explore and it could help you get geared up for what a sugar glider is going to be like.

    I mention this not because I think you’d be a bad pet caretaker, but because sugar gliders are THE highest maintainance pet you can have. They require daily interaction, develope an emotional dependancy on thier caretaker and very honestly, can die from a lack of interaction. Not a lack of food or care, but a lack of you taking them out daily and playing with them because they will get so upset they will die. You read right, an animal that can get fatally butt hurt!

    Just a thought…

    • Yeah, I totally hear you on that. Cockatus do the same thing. Just die if you don’t give them enough attention… first they pull out all their feathers though. I’ve also had ferrets in the past,and so know about the daily interaction bit.

      The best part about a sugar glider is that you can take it in your pocket most places and it will be ok! Voila!

  5. I know!!!! I LOVVVVEEEEE sugar gliders and now someone sees how cute they are, too. Unfortunately I don’t see sugar gliders in my future intil the kid(s) are moved out of the house. They are high maintenance (I just butchered the spelling of that word, I think) plus, I won’t lie to you…they stink. But they are so darned cute!

    • I think it’s only the boys who stink…

      But yes, high maintenence (I don’t know how to spell it either). And apparently kids are supposed to come first.

      • Yeah, Aftan stinks sometimes, too, and can be high maintenance but I think I’ll keep her. She is just a tad cuter than a sugar glider. Plus, I know exactly what she would do with a sugar glider…she’d get it in a death grip and shove it in her mouth. 🙂

  6. Human Subjects is a bitch. I need their approval for a project I did this semester and it took them months to get back to me. Someone in my class didn’t get approval until November 26th (really), by which time she had of course given up.
    Also, about Sugar Gliders: A friend of mine has one, and as cute as they are, they’re tricky. They slither under doorways, get caught behind the stove, etc. Just something to look out for…

  7. I want one, but no time. Can i just visit this one, and hug and squeeze it, and rub its fur backwards and call it George? It is just to cute. Not to mention I lose and forget my cell phone all the time. They’re not much bigger, looks like.

  8. Hmm… You chose it because of The Invisibles, didn’t you?
    Man, I need to read more books, I swear. All this art stuff I’m doing is making me dumb.

    p.s. Sugar Gliders are cute lookin’. But eh.

  9. I recognize those markings!

    That little monster came to Gamer’s Guild last Friday. It wreaked havoc on local skeletal structures with its adorable beam. Bubbling, babbling puddles of nerd as far as the eye could see.

    Luckily, fighting ferrets has given me a resistance to small furry things that aren’t actually rodents.

    The little bugger loves boobies.

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