an actual update

School is back in session and if Constructing Sexuality isn’t the neatest class ever I’ll eat a hat.

Got to see family over break, and it was glorious.

Going out to Seattle in March, and Virginia in May (finally!) (wave to VA people).

This is officially the BEST video game EVER.

And a toast to the best boyfriend I ever had.

27 thoughts on “an actual update

  1. Don’t listen to Katamari Damacy music in the car. It is trance-inducing.

    I swear. I was this close to trying to “roll over” a cow with my car.

  2. Is Marty Weinberg still teaching that?

    I was enrolled in that class until he gave me shit on the first day for being 3 minutes late.

    • Yes, he still is.

      And he’s still uptight about sleeping, being late, leaving early, etc. But that’s ok because I don’t do any of those things. ; D

    • Re: VA in May?

      Still hashing out the details. A long weekend. Probably between Spring and Summer semesters. That would be between the 3rd and 8th.

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