…a madman behind the wheel and the radio tuned to static

Today is the One year anniversary of Libby and my car wreck. We are therefore staying in, having dinner, and going to see Pan’s Labyrinth.

Thank you all for being a part of our lives this past year. I dare you to ask me why I like you. Because it’s just that kind of day, that I will tell you.

36 thoughts on “…a madman behind the wheel and the radio tuned to static

  1. Because of the “occasion,” I’m goign to tell you what I like about you.


    – You’re f’n hilarious, first and foremost. There are few people who can laugh with me about the same 12-year-old-boy-jokes and whatnot.
    – You’re open about everything. I enjoy being able to discuss deviant sexual practices with you.
    – You’re very protective of your friends and always communicate an incredible sense of loyalty.
    – You’re generous with everything.
    – You’re hot. Can I say that?
    – You know the value of physical human contact, which is often lost on people.
    – You are one of the few people I feel comfortable being around in total silence. That’s saying a lot.

    I’m glad you’re still around and a part of my life.

    • Petra.

      I am so lucky to have you around. You are filled with such intensity, and (possibly more importantly) you do something with it. You always aim high, and achieve.

      But you aren’t stuck up about anything. You are constantly psyched to show things to people. Take your veganism. There aren’t pretentious comments about how you are better (well, sometimes, but jokingly), but instead you just bring over food that tastes great and suits your diet.

      You know what you believe in. And you fight for it. You don’t budge. Hell, you don’t flinch. Or blink.

      You are also incredibly beautiful. And intelligent. And that makes it difficult sometimes.

    • You are friendly, and initiated some contact after a slightly rambling post in a random community.

      I like your art, and your sense of humor (what I know about it).

      What has struck me most is that you comment on your child(ren?), but that isn’t all you talk about. And that speaks very nicely of your character.

  2. I like *you*, and that for many reasons. Petra got here first, but I will still go with the original plan I had when I clicked on the comments and say what I can in two or three minutes.

    You helped me a LOT through a very tough time. Picking me up from work on the day of my breakdown, undoubtedly acting as the second party in the Rent-Paying Incident (and yes, the first has confessed), helping feed me when I couldn’t pay for my own food, and GIVING me the jacket I wear every day now. You have the most fabulous sick sense of humor I have ever experienced, and most of my favourite jokes are your fault. You are cute in a weird combinatory ethereal/mechanical/elfin way. You have excellent fashion sense, which pleases me in the most shallow and visual way possible. And it’s partially your fault too that my life is as it currently is.

    You are just fun. And thank you for existing.

    • ::blush:: Thank you V.

      I like your language, and that when I talk about fascination with words just being formed sounds you know exactly what I mean.

      You are unassuming, gracious, and very Real. Your use of language causes me to rethink silly rules and realize what is actually important.

      You present yourself to those around you, and if they don’t like it you might be sad, but not remorseful. And that takes courage.

      You have great strength, and now it’s all paying off.

      You are also an amazing artist.

      I also like how you laughed at me one of the first times we met when I asked if it was ok that I dye my hair blue as well.

  3. I’ve really been itching to see Pan’s Labyrinth (that and “300”), I’m hoping hazy and I can see it sometime next week. Feel free to lay your opinion of the movie, but no spoilers.

    I would love to hear why you like me, I’m an ego whore.

    Here’s something I like about you: I really appreciate that you’ve made some effort to make me feel welcome at the AOE parties: asking me how I’m doing, talking to me every now and then, and the such. Thank you.

    • I hate spoilers, so no worries. I’ll just rant at you about how it made me feel.

      You are very giving. While you have some timidity, that doesn’t hold you back from seeking out new things.

      You also reciprocate. Which is lovely.

      Sorry there is not more, but I don’t know you well enough (yet)!

  4. Because of yours and Libby’s posts, I’ve realized that I’ve been acquainted with you both for almost a year now. I hope that the next year means I get to know you both better.

    (p.s. Hide your feelings about Pan’s! I cannot hear any more good reviews, or I’m bound to hate it.)

    • I don’t eat enough spices to make my brain spicy. They are lightly seasoned with garlic and lemon, though.

      Molly, I really miss you. I wish we had gotten to know each other better. You are honest, and expect people to perform to at least some degree of their capabilities. You almost always have a completely different way of looking at things than most people, and that gives you a lot of insight.

      Your clothes also rock and I’m jealous of your skill. ; )

  5. I really don’t know you all that well, but you do seem quite awesome. *arches an eyebrow*

    I would like to rectify that not knowing you very well thing, too.

    • That’s because I am awesome. And yes, we should rectify that.

      I like that you have courage. And you look killer in skirts and corsets. That’s about all I know about you.

    • You notice the same simple pleasures that I do. You dance for no reason. And you seem to actually care – when you look at people you actually look at them, and when people talk you listen.

    • You have a very odd sense of humor. You always seek out new things – especially having to do with technology, which of course I like. You expect people to act like adults, and don’t have any qualms about people not getting what they want when they aren’t honest about who they are.
      Even though you have the ability to see what people are after, you wait until they know themselves. You don’t expect people to take the shit that they are given.

    • Ben, one of my oldest friends.

      You and I have been through a lot of shit, huh? But I like how we can always get together and have an honest conversation.

      You have this ability to see how dismal a situation is and just accept it. You don’t give up, you don’t ignore it, you don’t freak out. You just see it and move on.

      You haven’t been handed the best set of cards in life, but damnit you’re still having a good time. You realize Now isn’t Always.

      You also have a killer sense of humor. You see past bullshit when you finally decide that’s what you want to do.

      Love you, neB

      • *blushes*

        You’re neato.

        Our friendship has given me so many memories. Almost everything has a “This one time, Willow and I…”

        You’ve been amazingly honest when I put the pressure on like I do, even when it’s a “Christ, Ben, I don’t know… Let’s moon some squirrels!” and then, the squirrels are all like “O NOES!… WHEEE!!!”

        You’ve probably been the longest, bestest, most influential friend I got (second to Keifer Sutherland, but that nigga owes me five bux.)

        Plus, the music you give me is amazing. Do you still have the MD?

        Booyah Willow. Booyah.

  6. I’ll take the bait. Why?

    This should be interesting, since we haven’t seen each other since…high school. (Oh gawd, I remember what I was like in high school,and I’m having a hard time remembering why anyone liked me then).

    If there’s a masochist in me, there’s a sadist you.

    • I haven’t spent a lot of time with you, but you laugh a lot. And that’s always a good thing. You’re eager to see what others have to say. And you like cats. Always good things.

      • I was curious what you’d say, seeing as we haven’t, as you pointed out, spent a whole lot of time together. And while you were having the kind of day where you would answer, I was having the kind of day where I’d ask.

        And when someone sees liking cats as a good thing, that says good things about them.

  7. Am I too late? I live in Pacific Standard Time! It ain’t my fault!

    Read the car wreck entry… Christ. I don’t really know what to write… I’m glad it didn’t turn out any worse for you and Libby. AND I’m sure you know how I feel about knowing you, mon ami bleu.

    • You aren’t too late!

      Rex. Oh jeeze. You make me laugh. Through texts, through e-mails, through phone calls. You are mostly amused but slightly concerned by other people. You seek out new experiences and knowledge. And then you share it! You like being connected to others, and feeling what they feel.

      You bring joy and amusement, and I can’t wait to meet you. Then I will have more good things to say. Unless you end up being a rapist-murderer. Then I will take my good thoughts to my shallow grave. ; )

  8. I came for the comic-book / video game geek, but I stayed for the all-around awesome.

    Srsly. How to describe the joy of knowing the Willow? To do that, I have to conceive of not knowing…and that’s difficult.
    One year has completely turned my life around, and that’s due entirely to getting to know you (and through you, the AoE/Bloomington regulars, for whom this space/medium is entirely inadequate to convey my gratitude and appreciation).

    We’re pattern-similar. That’s really the heart of it, and it’s self-reinforced by the fact that I’m pretty sure you know what I mean. We share brain bits. And the fact that I can converse with someone who understands not just the words but the spaces between (not to mention my idiosyncratic constructions when no other verbal construct seems to get at the non-verbal concept to be communicated)…

    You are understanding, and you seek understanding. Though perhaps compassionate/Bodhisattva-type and comprehension, respectively, serve as more precise choices. I really admire both. They go hand in hand (in understanding), I think.

    I could say more, but it has been said, and will be said again. You have brought kindness and joy to many, and are deserving of all the good things this world has to offer. So help me, I will see to it that you get some nanobots at some point.

  9. just got in from a day without net (7am friday to 2am saturday)

    i am very lucky to know you and Libby.
    more soon. sleep now.

    and if it is still that kind of day, please.

  10. dont worry, i had to be on campus for class before and after our meeting. no big deal. promise. thank you for being concerned and such.

    i hope you had a good movie night and a good weekend.

  11. F*ck I’m late…

    You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want…

    I like you because you have blue hair and a lovely rear;)
    AND because I can tell you that and you won’t think I’m off;)

    oh and you have BALLS–Love that

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