There’s nothing I hate more than feeling trapped.

My car is iced shut. I don’t mean the locks are iced, because I fixed that problem. I mean iced fucking shut.

Libby and I are increasingly worried about our tree out front. Nothing like branches being weighed down to breaking with ice to invoke motherly feelings.

does not equal


taken earlier today when I could still get Out

definitely does not equal

Admittedly, it’s still very very beautiful.

9 thoughts on “ice

    • Sweden, I think. The original site it was on is down, so I don’t have the exact local… or do I? Hm… Look at Daniel’s comment. If I can find an image I’ll put it there. Chess showed me the images initially.

  1. wow. i second the question by V.
    where? Michigan? Chicago?

    i lost branches of my pine tree out front.
    the backyard trees look heavy.
    i have not even tried to access my car…i fear it is ice.

  2. when my doors would get iced shut, i would pour hot water onto the crack (from door to frame, on the unhinged side), then pry its jaws open with something pry-y (like a flat-head screwdriver).

    might help. might not. hope you resume vehicularity soon.

  3. ryan decided he’d be sweet and take me out last night, right? well..only the front, drivers side door would open. i climbed in and out and around the seats at every stop :).

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