Puff the Magic Dragon

Now that most of the damage is passed, I will share with you my face.

Last Friday morning, I had my wisdom teeth taken out. All four. In one go. Because I am xxHardCorexx. I then basically slept until Sunday. notmikey visited me to watch Immortel, carpejugulum made me blue jell-o, and cristobat called me names and made me laugh.

This is what I looked like Friday evening:

And what I look like today:

I’m amazed at how much stretch my face has in it. I also giggle at the drugged look in my eye in the first image. Note the bloodied nose in the first one, and the emerging bruise in the second.

In other news, I’m headed out to Seattle tomorrow. There, I will see my brother again. Probably check out the local clubs, walk Capital Hill, and do some homework in the parks. violet_rain is taking me under her wing Saturday night, and Sunday night nathan_fhtagn and I are going to see Gene Loves Jezebel.

I also hope to visit the bunny field.

While this is not me in the picture, I’ve had a similar experience.


25 thoughts on “Puff the Magic Dragon

  1. Ack! Good luck on a speedy recovery from the wisdom teeth. 🙁

    I’ve never had them out, but then again, I haven’t gone to the dentist in quite some time.

    The Bunny field looks like a good time. 🙂 I know several people who would enjoy a visit.

  2. Sorry to hear about the wisdom teeth. Though better out than in, as they say (isn’t it nice to have somebody interested in proverbs posting on your lj?).

    Hope you feel better. And I’m sure that lots and lots of rabbits will help.

  3. That looks like Greenlake with all the bunnies. I love walking around there and watching the bunnies just chillin’. Every dog in the park so TOTALLY wants to chase but all they end up doing is choking on their own leash as their person drags them away. I’m sure the bunnies take great joy in that. I swear you can see it in their eyes…

    “That’s right, Pooch, you go on. Just walk away, punk. Just walk away.”

    • Yes! Greenlake! I call it the Bunny Field and surrounding lake/walking area.

      And this bunny is thinking just that:

  4. HOLY CRAP. Wow, NOTHING like that happened to me when I had my wisdom teeth out, and they were all fucked up and they pretty much had to go in and puree them to remove them. Wow. You look absolutely nothing like yourself in that photo. Congratulations on return to normal (such as it is), and on being a better man than I in getting through that to begin with.

    Ow. Internet Hugs Time?

  5. Happy recovery! Right before I started college, I had all of my wisdom teeth taken out– and they were impacted, so I had to be knocked out and everything. Then I got dry socket in the bottom two, which was totally horrible… may it not happen to you.

    Safe travels over break!

  6. Oh my goodness you look quite, well awful. I am glad it is getting better and not so puffy.

    I have Immortal if it is the one where the young lady is blue it is the same movie that I have and it is wonderful. Your post makes me want to watch it again.

    • Bunnies aren’t like other mammals. They are souless vegetable sucking killing machines. Observe the bunny in the post above. He is merely playing at celebrating a birthday. Everyone knows they all have the same birthday as they were all vat grown.

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