things that make me happy today

1. Jumping on the bed to wake Chris up. He then cooks!
2. Dropping a sugar cube in my delightfully caffeinated beverage and seeing it bubble
4. Knowing Libby had a good start to her day
5. Kicking my own ass on the treadmill
6. Reading for pleasure (it’s not just for school anymore, kids!)
7. This webcomic.

8. The unbridled geekery of my Old Testament instructor (“I can tell you more about this after class if you want. We just don’t have time now. But it’s so cool!”)

What makes you happy?

13 thoughts on “things that make me happy today

  1. Accurate and creative use of language. Multiple meanings and triple entendres. Witty ripostes. Absurd games. (Multiple meanings?) Going back to something three or four (or more) times, and finding something new every time. That bit where a new piece of information becomes understanding – the “aha” moment, where it actually gels. The union of aesthetics and functionality.

    Biking. Walking places again. Being able to just Be, away from everything for a bit. The endorphin rush from using my body. A tall glass of cool water after an afternoon of being out. DARK, dark chocolate.

    Doing something nice for someone I care about. A small token of heartfelt affection. Being caught after an awkward leap into the unknown. Quiet alone time at the end of the day.

    Getting out of old habits, and discovering/creating a better way to do things. Taking a step outside comfortable and safe, every now and again. Rediscovering Passionate Intensity.


  2. Wearing red cowboy boots, and the bus driver saying (as I get on), “Hey, there’s my cowgirl.”

    Yum tasty healthygood muffins and extra runny eggs, to be shared with kittens.

  3. I also adore Perry Bible Fellowship! The continuing saga of Planet Pupulon is a favorite… Happy?

    Good food that I have made from scratch.
    Fresh fruit.
    Happy, purring kitties that want to sit with me.
    Feeling like an adult.
    Good friends and hanging out with them just because.
    The Yeti.
    Knowing that tomorrow I’ll learn something else and that trend will continue until I’m dead; and then I’ll learn something else.
    Shiny objects.

  4. my brand new kitties without names…
    warm sunny days ahead.
    no school for a few more months.
    my sis coming home in Aug.. anticipation.
    dancing like silly at work to music that sucks.
    iced mocha. and my dad saying mocha like “Moe-cha” like cha cha..
    home-made foods by moi.
    seeing chickens run in my neighbors front yard, so weird, i’m not used to this country life yet.

    and willow. she makes me pretty happy. even if i don’t see her as often as i’d like. 🙂

  5. Moving out of Oklahoma in a couple of months makes me happy.

    (Hi, by the way – I saw your posts in the Bloomington community and wandered around you profile and you seemed neat and stuff blah blah blah)

        • Very cool. What are you going to Grad School for?

          I work at a delightful restaurant called the Runcible Spoon, and co-run a monthly dark dance night called Axis of Evil. I’d love to meet you at one or both.

        • I’m going to school for my Master of Public Health. I did a year of HIV/AIDS work for AmeriCorps and I’m hoping to stay in that field or a domestic violence/sexual assault non-profit.

          Yup. I’m sure we’ll hit up the Spoon, it sounds like a neat place.

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