gas masks, hazmat suits, and scandelous skirts

Because I haven’t yet, and I’m like whoa excited about this one :

21+, $4 cover, drink specials
Friday, July 27, 2007 9:00pm – 2:00am
Jake’s Nightclub – 419 North Walnut, Bloomington IN

Join us for a celebration of the post-apocalypse at Axis of Evil! Hole up in the fallout shelter and prepare to meet your doom on the dance floor. Soundtrack will be provided by DJ Saint, DJ Meta, and DJ Arcsine (Detroit/Ann Arbor) as well as our esteemed vanguard of local Axis DJs.

“MREs” will be available courtesy of the Tri-Omega Biohazard Bake Sale. Raffle and surprise CD release party–details to come.

Industrial gear, leather and latex, army surplus, hazmat suits, gas masks, cyberpunk garb, and other such post-apocalyptic costumes are vehemently encouraged.


Because we’re really running with this month’s theme of Nuclear Fallout, we have a few unique features I’d like to mention.

1) Fireproof HAZMAT Suit Raffle! OMG!

see willow get mauled by the treacherous sk00b!


–Tickets to win this suit are $1.00 each and we’ll draw a winner at random. Only YOU will survive the apocalypse. Maybe.
Willow and the Sk00b are not included in the raffle. You will have to pay extra.

2) Tri-Omega Biohazard Bake Sale!
–Delicious home-made MRE treats will be available courtesy of the Tri-Omega Christian Zombie Vampire Sorority (with Gentlemen’s Aux.), Bloomington Chapter, for mere pocket change. They will be packaged in biohazard-proof bags for your safety. Vegan options provided, too!

3) Freeze Etch EP Release Party!

‘s first musical release since 2003 will debut at this AoE. In anticipation of his full length album (to be released this fall on Force of Nature), Adam’s prepared an EP packaged in old-school CD ROM trays that will be available for sale at this event. Please support your resident DJ!

4) Dance Sets by Saint, Meta, Arcsine (Detroit+Ann Arbor)!
–Along with our resident DJ, Freeze Etch, a heavy rhythmic industrial noise soundtrack will be provided by the esteemed DJ Saint and his friends Meta and Arcsine. I expect to see you throw down on the dance floor. Like whoa.

5) Hand-Printed Garments and Sundries by Mythdemeanor!
–Sandy will again be vending her fantastic screened tees and ties. If you didn’t get a Joy+Perversion shirt last month or want some Tri-Omega gear, here’s your opportunity.


Libby and I have been cleaning the house like mad for all the visiting people. I’m excited to see Marc again, and having Nathan in for a full few days will also be fantastic amazing.

Now I’m going to go eat pastries off the kitchen floor. That’s how clean it is.

3 thoughts on “gas masks, hazmat suits, and scandelous skirts

  1. I have chem warfare training tomorrow and get to run around in a mask and a camoflauge (sp?) chem suit tomorrow. Next week I getta run around in a gas mask with an M16 … it’s sexy, I know. Please no groping in the publics.

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