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All this time I’ve been telling people the Zombie Prom fundraising is for Harmony House. Admittedly it’s actually for Middleway house, and it’s connected to the Harmony School, but it’s still funny. Especially considering the group Halloween effort.
Speaking of, I think when we’re all dressed up on Halloween we should go up to Mutiny. Who’s with me?

8 thoughts on “cryptic post

  1. Hee!

    Mutiny would be an interesting idea. I’ve given myself (read: asked for and of course received) the morning off after both Zombie Prom and the 31st…keep me in the loop!

  2. hrm. i’m probably going to end up taking all 3 days off (30th, 31st, 1st) depending on how i’m doing. I definately think we should do something…..I was torn between the silent film show at the IU auditioriam and Rocky. what’s a girl to do!

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